Here’s a look back into the archives today at the beginning of CNN Headline News. It was called CNN2 when it debuted at midnight on January 1, 1982. Chuck Roberts, who is the co-anchor of the first telecast, retired from CNN Headline News just last week after 28 years.

A couple of things I learned watching this – when news breaks, like wind, it breaks fast. They are also hung up on saying the word ‘fast’ an awful lot.

Why post this on the blog? Part one begins with a tour of this “state of the art” operation. It looks a lot like the set from the movie 9 to 5. The music and the graphics are so cheesy now but I guess it was cutting edge at the time. Check out part 2 (when the actual first newscast began) and hear the horrible teletype-like sound effect they played under the actual reporting. It is so incredibly annoying. I wonder how long they kept that. I would not know since we did not get cable until a few years later.

Oh, how far we have come.