Cyber Purge

4square badge x

I’ve spent a lot of time eliminating unused objects around the house so it was just a matter of time before I started looking at all of the junk accumulating on my computer and my cell phone. Just because it doesn’t exist in some physical form doesn’t mean that it is not junk and the computer junk has a way of becoming a lot more time consuming than piles of junk sitting around the house. Foursquare was the most obvious thing to get rid of first.

I had “checked in” a lot across several states. But, when I am not traveling I end up just going to the same places again and again. In fact, I make trips to Walgreens, Walmart, and Baskin Robbins with almost depressing regularity. When I became the mayor of Walmart recently, I knew that this was not a feat I was too proud of. I consider going shopping a chore and not something I need to leave a record of for future generations.

So, last night, the Foursquare profile and the accompanying Twitter feed were both deleted. Then, I happily deleted the Foursquare app from my Blackberry. No more fumbling for the phone when I run by McDonalds for a Mocha Latte.

I also finally stopped posting my blog to my wall in Facebook. This means I will hardly ever update Facebook and that is ok. I would rather keep the writing hobby separate from Facebook and I really don’t want to force my writing on everyone which is exactly what posting my blog to Facebook felt like.

In totally unrelated news, we had another rainy day here. We almost went to the fair tonight but will shoot for Thursday instead. With the ragweed in full bloom, I’ve been having quite a time with allergies so I’m glad we stayed in tonight. I’ll have to blend up a Benadryl shake to drink Thursday night.

And that is all I’ve got for Tuesday. I’m going to curl up with a good e-book and drift off to sleep (I hope).