Saturday preview

Why not write about Saturday at the start of the day instead of waiting until the end? What do I hope to do today?


  • Relive the good ‘ol days. Fire up Retro Lightning 1979 at starting at 8AM central. Yes, if I knew then what I know now I just might have packed up my Underoos and taken the first Greyhound out of town!
  • Have the kids get up at a decent time so we can head down to Chick-Fil-A and use this Chick-n-Mini’s coupon I have since it expires today.


  • Take my Fisher 19” television to Best Buy for recycling. Made in 1991, it recently developed lines across the bottom that is a symptom of “picture tube going-out-icus” syndrome. Like my cars, I run my TV until the end.
  • Take the kids to Target and say I am doing so because they want to look at stuff when really I am doing it so I can go to Starbucks on the way out. Shame on me.
  • Jump in the above-ground super cheapo pool one last time this afternoon while the water is still warm enough to get in. It’s funny how we go directly from burning hot to just cool enough at night to make the pool useless with no warning whatsoever.
  • Avoid anything remotely resembling housework.
  • Wash the cars for the first time in a month. I’ve been slacking.

That’s quite a bit for a Saturday. I hope to get in some reading (I may have to lock myself in the bathroom with a box of cupcakes to accomplish that) and maybe even catch up a little bit on the shows on the DVR. Of course, the kids will probably suck me in to a game on the Wii.

That’s Saturday – as predicted at 6:52AM.