A New Television Season

So many questions about the new television season will soon be answered.

Will the new Hawaii Five-O be worthy of its predecessor? I watched the original in reruns and it was a pretty good show. Won’t it be something if the 30 year plus old version is better than the new one?

I’m going to give Mike & Molly a shot tonight because it is by The Big Bang Theory people even though the commercials make it look like it’s going to rely heavily (forgive the pun) on fat jokes and ‘fat people are clumsy’ jokes.

I wonder what they will replace ABC’s My Generation with next week when it totally tanks this Thursday trying to go up against The Big Bang Theory and Community. Even the advertisements in magazines for this show make it look bad. Doesn’t ABC know that America is on a huge anti-hipster kick right now?

Has Michael Imperioli found a hit in Detroit 1-8-7? He was the best part of Life on Mars and now he is playing a similar character here. I like him. I hope this is a good one.

Here’s the rundown for Fall ‘10:

Returning Shows I am just over Returning Shows I am looking forward to New shows I will never see Looks interesting – I’ll try them – at least once!
How I Met Your Mother The Big Bang Theory The Event Mike and Molly
Chuck The Middle Chase The Defenders
30 Rock Modern Family Raising Hope Detroit 1-8-7
The Office** Community Running Wilde Outsourced
    $#*! My Dad Says Hawaii Five-O
      Blue Bloods

** – I’m still on the fence with The Office. I try it – it makes me cringe – I turn it off for two weeks – I try it again – I laugh – then it makes me cringe again.

And, on a totally unrelated note, what is up with Randy Quaid and his wife? Have they lost their minds? And, can you believe that Paris Hilton lied about that not being her purse? I thought she was more trustworthy than that. It’s a shame she won’t get to share a cell with Lohan.

I’m back on the road tomorrow. It will be 96 degrees. I hope the car makes it.