Good birthday


The blackberry-free birthday was quite a success. I carried the spare phone we have that only two people know the number to. There were no vibrations from incoming emails and no looking at Twitter to see what was happening in the world. So, when part of that town in California blew up last night, I missed it.

Not being “connected” was quite nice. I worry that the kids are going to grow up with all of this pressure to be “on the grid” at all times. I see these stories on the news about kids staying up all night sending texts. That won’t happen in this house – I can guarantee that.

I spent part of the birthday in my hometown with my mother and met my father here today for lunch (since he was at work yesterday – 76 and still going to work. His retirement lasted all of 3 months before he went stir crazy and returned to work). Last night was all about the strawberry cupcakes and just sitting around.

I’m not sure what the weekend will bring other than all the rain that is forecast. We’ll try to stay dry and hope that Monday doesn’t get here too fast!