Travel in Style

When I tell people I’m back on the road a bit lately and that I am driving around 700 miles a week, the first question that seems to come up doesn’t have to do with where I am going or what I am doing, but “Did you drive that Ford?”

Ah, yes, I did drive the Ford – the mighty 1999 Ford Contour. Some look amazed at the answer and some look at me like I am nuts.

It just keeps going and going. Sure, I stay on top of changing the oil and rotating the tires. I still add a bottle of Heet every 2 or 3 fill ups so it won’t stall out on the interstate. Aside from that, it just keeps chugging right along. I’ve had to gorilla glue down the weather-stripping on the other side since I made the video. The cassette player went out this summer. My passenger side door speaker is just about blown. Also, I have two wheel covers that are now cracked. I keep expecting to see them flying off like Frisbees in the rear-view mirror at anytime. There are some negatives to driving a car like the Contour, such as never knowing exactly what might stop working next. The positives include no longer worrying about door dings. In fact, it seems that a lot of people won’t park next to it because they can tell that I no longer care about door dings and they assume I won’t care about giving them either. I’m also not too concerned that someone would want to steal it. They won’t get far since you have to hold the steering wheel a specific way to start it (I call that my built in Ford security system).

It is what it is. That should be the motto of the 1999 Ford Contour.

I need to go outside and check the oil now. I’ve got 320 miles to drive Tuesday and I want to be ready.