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The Old Ball Game

It was 90 degrees in the shade tonight and that’s perfect weather to sit outside with a few hundred strangers and watch some AAA baseball!It was hot as in sweaty and humid hot. As hot as I was, the guy in the cat suit had it worse.The visiting team was New Orleans and Nashville clobbered them 8-2.A good time was had by all. I am going to go sit in the fridge for a bit and cool off.

Sunday Ramblings

I’m considering turning the blog responsibilities over to Alex the Dog. She seems right at home in front of the computer.The next picture is from last Sunday but it looked a lot like this today so I thought I would use it. Even the electricity got knocked out for a couple of hours by the storms that moved through this morning. This picture is from Wednesday before last. I don’t remember it being a particularly bad day but I was tempted to hide when I saw the temperature. I took a picture just in case.Finally, I discovered a new singer via the XO podcast that I listen to. Before I get to the music, here is a bit about the podcast. A warning: this is a family-friendly blog. The XO podcast is a podcast for those 18 and over so there might be some wirty-dords in there. If you can handle it, the latest episode, #25 (version 1 has the first song below in it), is really good. It is called  “5 years missing” and it is a very personal, honest, and eye-opening account of a marriage falling apar…

Reboot City

Warning: the following post contains a lot of nerd talk. Please use caution.I ended up back in reboot city on my work laptop yesterday. It all started with another in the annoying series of recent Windows updates. They have really been piling them on lately. At the end of the day Thursday, another group downloaded and installed and instead of rebooting at the end, I just shut down for the night. Big mistake. Friday morning came and the laptop would not boot. It would just sit there on the Windows XP boot screen. And, the machine (a 6 month old Dell Latitude E6510) would blue screen when I would try to boot off of the SP3 disk to go into recovery. So, I finally got in by using “Last Known Good Configuration”. This was a temporary fix because the next time I shut down, the same thing would happen when I powered up.Finally, after reading through Dell’s message board for techs and a bit of trial and error and three wasted hours, I deduced the following:The drivers listed on Dell’s website…

Dog Days

Ah, the dogs have the good life here at the home office.Sadie does her best to watch me work until she collapses due to the sheer boredom.I’m typing this entry on my latest crazy eBay purchase – the Alphasmart 3000. I wanted one of these a long time ago when I only had a desktop PC at the house and I wanted to have the ability to easily write when I was out and about. Fast forward about 7 years and now I have a laptop and a netbook. I somehow came across a message board thread last week on NANOWRIMO discussing the Alphasmart and that renewed my interest.I no longer feel like I am tied down to a desktop but I do want something that gives me the ability to quickly type up a blog entry or an idea without having to fire up the laptop. It’s like a virtual scratch pad. There are 8 button-accessible file locations and the file saves as I type. I don’t have to worry about writing a bunch of stuff in a notebook and then having to dread re-typing it once I get back to the PC. I can just fire it…

Crazy Hot

It was just about brutal out there today. The temperature is staying in the lower 90’s but the dew points are up to the lower 70’s so it doesn’t take long out there to get caked in sweat. I went out for my doctor’s appointment at 9:30AM and it was already a scorcher. With all of the rain coming this week, I had no choice but to mow this evening and it was hot even with the sun mostly down.The good news from the doctor was normal blood pressure. This was my first completely normal check up in two years though it has been gradually going down with each appointment. I go back in a year and only have to keep taking my allergy pills and staying away from too much bad foods and stress (ha). I guess one out of two will have to do.Aside from the doctor, today was fairly quiet. I’ve got a bit more going on tomorrow but that just makes the day go by faster.

Movie Round-up

We saw three movies this weekend – one on cable and two in the theater. Before I tell you what I thought of those, I need to go back to last weekend and fill you in on the movie the kids had been begging us to take them to every time they had seen the preview over the last few months.
1 Sentence Review: “Redbox it for the kids and go mow the yard”The kids have read most of the Judy Moody books and they went in with high hopes. Unfortunately, the movie was an original screenplay from the author and there just wasn’t enough material here to carry a whole movie. The kids got bored and I felt like I was being tortured at Guantanamo. I learned two things: the earning of thrill points has no standard formula and having a guy in a Bigfoot costume is supposed to somehow increase ice cream sales. You just have to wonder who at the studio could see this and think, “Wow! We have a winner here!”.

1 Sentence Review: “Surprisingly Good!”Via the mighty magic of cable, we finally watched “Knight and Da…

The good news: “I won’t be mowing today”

The bad news: “I still have to go to Walmart”There’s no escaping the weekly appointment with destiny that is the supercenter. They should have Chinese on their signs here since so much of what is sold there supports the Chinese economy. Or, how about a law forcing any store that sells 51% or more imported goods to have to have “Imports” added to the name?Hmmmmm.

Friday Songs!

Prepare for the weekend by turning these up and trying not to think about having to mow, going to Walmart, and doing all of the other stuff that can make the weekend just as crappy as going to work!

Ghosts appear and fade away

Our song for the day is obviously “Overkill” by Men at Work. You can hit play while you read this one.

It’s been a crazy couple of days. The storms have been rolling in, wave after wave. I upgraded my work laptop to Windows 7 on Monday (I bought into co-workers hype for Windows 7 – I am so dumb), discovered that Windows 7 severely hampered by ability to work on Tuesday (I am so dumb) and then proceeded to roll back to Windows XP by 9PM last night (Being dumb comes at a price). I am finally back up and running problem-free today. And, in between all of the laptop fun, it was crazy busy at work and I’ve still be getting over this touch of stomach whatever.

My soundtrack to all of this excitement has been an audio book I downloaded from the library called Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I had read about it in the last Entertainment Weekly and our online library actually had an audiobook copy (which is rare considering 95% of what I look for is not available). In fact, I was listening to…

Puny Sunday

A couple of months ago, I got jinxed by someone at church. They told me that I “never get sick”. Since then, I’ve been on the edge several times and today was my day on the couch – socked by some sort of stomach bug. My temporary diet centers around toast.I should have seen this coming yesterday since I felt sort of anxious most of the day. I had a hard time sitting still and got way overheated outside while grilling lunch and then washing the dog (who had gotten into the grease like the little furry monster that she is).Then, the dogs kept waking me up most of the night so, between feeling crappy and the constant dog interruptions, I think I managed about three hours of sleep.It’s finally getting better. I owe that to buttered Elvis, I guess. I’m heading back to the office tomorrow. Last Monday was pretty productive so we’ll see if this one ends up the same.That’s it for now – back to couch patrol.

On the night shift

I don’t typically update the blog when I can’t go back to sleep after the dogs wake me up to go out in the middle of the night. Normally, I walk around the house and look at the odds and ends that need to be done – empty the dishwasher (not full yet), restock the TP in the bathrooms (did that), fold the clothes in the dryer (too lazy to do that tonight) check the dogs for ticks after coming back in (did that), surf the internet endlessly (about tired of that), etc.It’s remarkably quiet around here at 3:45AM but I’m too tired to make something of it. I haven’t been out of the house at this time of the morning in years except for leaving for the airport to catch a 6AM flight a couple of years back.I worked the overnight shift at Taco Bell in 1992 when they were experimenting with staying open 24 hours. It was a disaster. One night, a hung over dude in a jeep fell asleep at the window after we handed him his food, locked the window, and walked off. I noticed him an hour later. We almost …

Junk Mail


The most beautiful sunset picture ever taken

I think the world would be a better place if we could all take a Dairy Queen break every day. Unfortunately, my aging digestive system wouldn’t allow such tomfoolery. And, if we all did take a Dairy Queen break every day, the economic boom that all of the toilet paper companies would reap would not offset the sudden need for all of the sewer infrastructure upgrades that would be suddenly required. Taxes would go through the roof and the economy would be doomed forever.Still, I wish I could find one of these signs on eBay so I could install it at the end of my driveway.Tuesday was not quite as crazy busy as Monday but it was close. I dread tomorrow since that is the busiest day of the week for me and also typically the day that some unexpected chaos ends up making it even worse.Finally and unrelated to anything I normally write about here, Vanderbilt University made the decision yesterday to scrap its campus radio station and end what was really the last truly alternative station in Na…


For the first time in six months, I headed over to the office today and worked at my hardly ever used desk. It looked exactly how it looked when I last saw it and, just like the last time I went in to the office, craziness ensued.I should have known this was going to happen when I woke up at 5:15AM and could not go back to sleep. Another sign was when I drove down the driveway into fog that seemed to have rolled right in from London.I won’t go into detail but today ended up being much, much busier than a typical Monday and that made the whole day go by so fast that it is now 8:36PM and I have zero free time before I need to go to sleep so I can get back up and start again at 6AM. I’m slowly losing the battle against the library books. When I have time to read, I’m too tired to keep my eyes open. When I wake up fully awake at 12:30 in the morning, I don’t want to turn on the lights and read because I might wake up the whole house. Also, the dogs have random nights where they run into t…

Go Go Gadget Weekend!

I’ve said the magic words and now the weekend is upon us. Do you want to know what kind of week I’ve had? This picture should tell you all you need to know.Holiday weeks are a drag because you stuff the work of five days into four. Monday is typically my light day and losing it was a real bummer.Aside from all the fun of work, I also figured out why people who eat “healthy” frozen meals actually do lose weight. It happens because the meals taste so bad that you throw half in the trash. Check out this fine example. Notice how similar the actual meal is to the picture. Also, notice that I have dug around and made sure to put all of the miniature shrimp on top.I threw at least half of this away. The sauce tasted like cheap pizza sauce. Yuk.In reading news, the new Nook came out today. This means that my classic Nook is now going the way of the cassette tape. I’m not planning on “upgrading” any time soon. Sure, I would like the longer battery life but I am not really a fan of smudging the…