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Another Dumb Video: Drive Thru of Interest

Of all of the stupid videos I’ve made, I think this one is my favorite one (so far). Please enjoy the world premiere of Drive Thru of Interest:

Mow-day Monday

All the Benadryl in the world can’t fix my nose and eyes right now. I spent my evening not only mowing the yard but also taking down the tore up trampoline and swing set. Both of those items were falling apart prior to the hail so the hail really just dealt the last blow. The kids hadn’t played on the swing set for quite a long time. They are just getting too old for that stuff – another milestone has been passed! Of course, they are begging for a new trampoline but that won’t happen until all of the repairs have been made to the house.
For now, I’m just happy to have all of my yard completely opened up. I can mow without moving that heavy trampoline. I can run around the yard in circles yelling if I want to and nothing will be in the way! Tomorrow I will have to make a run to the dump to get rid of all of the metal pieces.

That’s it. My only plan for the rest of the night involves sniffing and sneezing.

I Check Out at Walmart

In this incredible sequel to “I Order at Taco Bell”, I give you, the reader, a chance to listen in on the excitement that is my life just about every Saturday morning.

Repost: More Magazine Mischief! Orbital Publishing Group sends a renewal invoice look-a-like

Update: I got another one of the fake invoices from Orbital this week. This time it was for my Bloomberg Businessweek subscription. It’s nice to know the good folks at Bloomberg so readily sell my contact information. I’m re-posting since the blog is under a new name now and I feel it’s important that someone write about this so that people won’t get duped into overpaying for their renewals.

Another day, another magazine renewal letter that gets my britches in a bunch.

I got a very-bill looking slip in the mail today that someone who doesn’t pay attention might have fallen for. It’s from Orbital Publishing Group in Reno, Nevada. It looks just like an invoice but there is print at the bottom that says NOT A BILL. Can you find those words with just a quick glance? They are hoping that you can’t!

They want to charge you $59.95 but you can go to and get a one year renewal for $15. I actually pay less than that each year.

What is especially disheartening is that Entertainment Wee…

Garden Gnomes and Insurance Claims

I can’t believe that it is already Wednesday. I was off from work on Monday and Tuesday and those days flew by.

On Saturday, I got behind these goobers.

Yes, these people have a concrete garden gnome in their back window. I would hate to be in that car or anywhere near that car in a wreck since that is a 25 pound (at least) projectile just waiting to be the first gnome astronaut.

On Monday, I got my latest eye exam. Needless to say, I can’t see ANY of the letters on this chart without my glasses. I have the E memorized so that’s just cheating.

There was no new news there – my prescription (my eyes are 20/500 on the 20/20 visual acuity test) has not changed in almost 10 years. This is a good thing because I can’t imagine them getting worse. With glasses, I am actually a tad better than 20/20 but even the thinnest lenses I buy have the look of Coke bottles along the edges. I have been a full time glasses wearer since 1980, so I am used to it. My new glasses will be in sometime in early Apr…

Repost – New to Me Gadget: Dell Streak 7

(Repost – I am actually selling off my Streak 7. I’ll soon be writing up a review of the tablet replacing it that even surprised me – the Pandigital Supernova.)

My “new” refurbished Dell Streak 7 arrived today. The Streak 7 is a replacement for my Acer netbook that developed a weird short in the screen. The brightness just starts going up and down by itself any time the netbook is barely touched. Typing could have triggered epileptic seizures. It got so frustrating that I finally just shelved it.

I thought my iPod Touch was going to replace my netbook but the screen is just painfully small at times. With my eyes, this is not a good thing.

I really went back and forth on this purchase. I had read so many bad reviews that I didn’t know what to expect. People complain about the battery life (3 to 4 hours). My laptop battery barely gets two so this is an improvement. The screen is supposedly too “low resolution”. My eyes are old and tired so I can barely tell the difference. Also, I paid…

Good Music: “Her Town Too”– James Taylor & J.D. Souther

I’m not sure why I’ve had this song on my mind lately. I don’t think I’ve heard it recently. It’s a great one from 1981 and I had to write up a special post just to share it. I’m thinking that sharing it is the only way to shake it out of my mind.

Time it was, and what a time it was

Being the only one home this week, not only have I had plenty of time to go stir crazy in the silence, I have also had a lot of time to clean. Part of my cleaning list this week was going through boxes in the attic and that included my famous blue tote of school stuff.

It’s occurred to me recently that saving all of this stuff won’t mean a thing to anyone left behind if I croak and it could al be totally wasted if the next storm decides to take off the roof. Mindful of this, I scanned in a bunch of old programs, news articles, and pictures and uploaded it all to Facebook so everyone could join me on a trip down amnesia lane.

I am a terrible packrat. I believe I inherited this trait from my great-grandmother. She saved everything. I have fought that disease for years and have really slimmed down the amount of stuff I have saved. That’s why, a couple of years back, I got down to one blue tote of stuff that I decided to save. The rest went to oblivion. I’ve not sure why some items made it …

It took me five days to watch Desperately Seeking Susan

I first saw Desperately Seeking Susan in the theater way back in the summer of ‘85 and my only memories of the movie were that it was a bit dark and a bit weird. I was flipping through channels last weekend and it was about to start so I thought I would give it another shot.

I watched the first 30 minutes, had stuff to do, and taped (or DVR’d – as the kids call it these days) the rest. I tried going back to it every night since and just couldn’t get into it enough to keep with it. I finally finished it tonight. It’s not really that bad – it’s just weird. Why would Roberta basically stalk someone simply based on an ad in the personals? Are there people out there using Craigslist to do that today? Was being married to the hot tub king of New York so bad that she needed to switch lives with Madonna? Talk about falling far from the perch.

And, DSS is not even a typical 80’s movie with typical 80’s stuff in it to make you reminisce about the 80’s. You’ll need to watch Valley Girl or Fast Tim…

The Roof Vultures won’t stop

They drive around the neighborhood all day long looking for their next sucker, uh, customer.

The salesman from Paul Harris Insurance Restoration Group ignored the No Solicitors sticker on the mailbox and came right up the driveway. Then, he ignored the one on the door since he pounded on it and caused the dogs to go nuts while I was on a conference call. He left me a nice hanger behind as a souvenir.

If you can’t read a simple sticker, I am certainly not going to let you up on my roof.

Panorama Solid State radio

I’ve been in major cleaning mode since Saturday and I finally stumbled upon one of my AM Transistor Radios from when I was very, very young. This one was not the best performer but it still works even though the dials are pretty scratchy now.

This is one of the two transistors I had. The other, and my main radio, was a Computron Green Transistor like the picture below. I don’t know what happened to it but I remember listening to all sorts of stuff at night on it. It was a pretty decent performer. It vanished somehow over all of the moves. This picture is from an eBay auction. I guess I’m going to have to pick up another one since they are so plentiful and cheap now. Also, they come in multiple colors. I could buy the whole set but I won’t since that goes against all of the purging I have been doing this week. More on that in the next post.

Toshiba RP-1900M

For those readers who pop by that don’t care a thing about radios, you can skip this entry with my apologies. I am hoping that writing about radios is going to become a fairly regular feature around here.
When most other kids were listening to A Flock of Seagulls and Culture Club on their Walkmen at night when they should have been sleeping, I was listening to WLS, WABC, and WNBC on my green transistor radio with the old white earplug. Even when I finally got my coveted Walkman with equalizer and TV audio, it was still the far off AM radio stations that lulled me to sleep at night.
I had been looking for an older radio with BIG audio on eBay for a while when a listing for a Toshiba RP-1900M popped up for $24.95 Buy It Now! Now, I knew that price was too good to be true but I clicked anyway and a few days later, I was the proud new owner of a nearly perfect radio that sounds phenomenal on AM.

There were three obvious issues:
It was filthy. The dial calibration was off just enough to be in…

I’m voting Patti for President


The roof vultures come in after the hail and another company makes my deceptive mail shame list

We had quite the weekend around here. A storm that eventually spawned an F3 tornado went directly over our house and dropped hail that was sized right between a golf ball and a baseball.

Unfortunately, thousands of these little ice balls fell from the sky and, with the help of the 60 mph wind, punched little holes and cracks in all of the siding on the back of the house.

It wasn’t a pleasant way to start the weekend but it could have been far worse. It didn’t take long for the roofing companies to smell blood. The vultures were walking the neighborhood the next day and it hasn’t stopped since. Four more of these guys came by today. I didn’t answer the door for any of them since I am waiting on the insurance adjustor to get here on Wednesday. I did watch one guy walk up to the house, look up at the roof for about 3 seconds, and then place this card in my mailbox:

I’m not convinced that I have roof damage and I’m certainly not going to let some guy from ‘who knows where’ climb up on the r…