No, Google, I DON'T want smarter email

I absolutely cannot stand stuff like this:
There are tons of variations on pop ups and emails like this. "I don't want to save money!" "I like longer wait times!" "I am happy with being nagged to death on the internet!"

Is it not enough to have Google Maps on my phone which is tracking everywhere I go and trying to present this history back to me as a benefit? Have I ever needed my travel history in almost thirty years of driving?

Is it not enough that I use Chrome and Google knows the details of everything I click on and every site I look at?

Is it not enough that I use Gmail and Google knows everything about my email including the names of my contacts and the stores I get emails from?

Is it not enough that this very site is a Google product so Google gets information about each visitor that happens to pop by, accidentally or not?

How much do you want of me, Google? Will you not stop until my brain is running Android and the word Google is tattooed on my forehead?

In all seriousness, I tried the Gmail app once and I didn't like it. I use my phone for quick glances at email and I still use my laptop to sort email and do the nitty-gritty work. I spend as little time in email on my phone as possible and the Apple Mail app does a great job of allowing me to do that. All of my email is there in one place (I have my non-Gmail work account and also monitor other non-Gmail accounts that I don't want going through the Gmail app).

I don't want to be using multiple apps for email or really anything else. It's just not efficient and I am all about efficiency no matter how dumb Google thinks my email is.