My Fitbit falling out

My Fitbit would have jumped for joy last Friday and Saturday. With all of the moving stuff back and forth for my daughter's school, I would have been thousands of steps over my daily step goal. However, the Fitbit and its charging cable are now in a little plastic bag on a shelf.
My Fitbit falling out started a couple of weeks ago when I had been out doing stuff all day and I decided to check my Fitbit to see how many steps I had gotten in and that's when I noticed that I had forgotten it. My first thought was to be discouraged, like my steps didn't count unless they were registered in a little tiny machine and then transmitted into an app.

A couple of days after that, I came home and noticed that I was only about 100 steps off my daily goals. I could have walked around the house and got those steps but I realized at that moment that there was no point. What difference did it make? So, I just put the Fitbit on my desk and left it for a few days before packing it up.
What I've realized is that the Fitbit doesn't encourage me to walk any more than I am going to have to walk on any given day. It doesn't motivate me to head to the park or walk around the neighborhood. It's just another little device to deal with that is small and can be easily lost and that must be charged at least once a week. It's nothing more than another to do.

In fact, it can act as a discouragement more than an encouragement. I have a negative feeling when I think that I am behind on my step goal and, instead of making me get up off my rear and walk, I tend to wallow in the discouragement and do nothing.

I did lose a bit of weight when I was going to the park to walk every day but I was also stressing myself out trying to fit that daily walk into my schedule and I began to realize that even if I made my goal one day, I probably wouldn't have time to make it the next day so I won't hit my end of the week and that was incredibly frustrating. Why would I want to deal with something that does nothing more than remind me that I am perpetually behind?
I'm sure these are not the feelings that Fitbit marketing wants me to associate with its devices but I have packed mine up, at least for now, and I am still getting my steps in regardless if they "count" or not.