The numbers game

I accidentally saw the numbers for the blog yesterday. By accidentally, I mean I try never to look at numbers for anything I do. For example, for the rare times I need to go there, I have Feedburner bookmarked to go to pages without the number of subscribers showing.

The numbers here are pretty paltry and I lost half of the readers to any given post after I locked my Twitter account down. I guess that is to be expected but during the heyday of blogging when I had tons of readers, there was no Twitter. Most new referrals came from Google back then and pursuing the search terms that landed people on the blog always brought me joy. One of the biggest keywords that led people to the old blog was Charmin. Weird, eh?

Sometimes I regret blowing it all away but it was too personal. I treated the blog like a journal I would write at home and, although I knew most people would never take the time to sift through thousands of old entries, it still weighed on me to have so many personal, what to a normal person would be private, thoughts out there lingering on the internet.

Locking down Twitter is inconvenient. No more retweets kind of blows. But it felt necessary to put the brakes on being so public, especially with the kids getting older. I don't want my dumb comments and opinions to reflect on them as they get ready to start applying to colleges or whatever. I also no longer feel the need to cultivate or grow an audience. Up In This Brain is what it is. This site is what it is. The other podcasts I am on have public accounts and will hopefully grow their audiences with or without me being present in each episode.

That leads me into the topic of the upcoming sabbatical. I am calling it the sabbatical because it sounds cool. I guess it's really just a short break. I will be off of Smooth Sailing for a bit due to not having many free nights to record until November. I also don't have a lot of time to edit. I am not sure if the sabbatical is going to extend into Up In This Brain and this site. I expect that I will be creating a bit less until my time frees up again in November but who knows.

I haven't had any luck recording a new Up In This Brain so far this week. I don't have any ideas. Maybe the ideas fairy will come along and help me out.

OK - back to non-blog/podcast topics next time.