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Hospice hilarity?

I'm not sure about you but I still start my day off reading the comics. I did stop for probably ten years before I picked the habit back up thanks to sites like The Comics Curmudgeon and Son of Stuck Funky. In addition to these sites, I have eight strips that I read each and every day and one of those strips is Sally Forth.

Sally Forth is an interesting strip because it can focus on quite serious topics at times. I guess it did this back in the 80's some also? I just recall it being mainly focused on Sally and her boss and now Ted gets to be on center stage quite a bit.
The current storyline also involves Ted. Ted's father has been ill and has now ended up under in-hospital hospice care and we're focusing on the music that should be playing in the room in order to get a little humor here before this storyline meets its demise or ends or dies off. All of the above.
They are apparently concerned about the music because they understand that hearing is the last sense to go bu…

Being specific (about trees)

I'm currently re-reading Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. I first read it in college so it's been a while. Yesterday, I got to the chapter/essay titled "Be specific" and it reminded me of the fact that I know absolutely nothing about trees or plants. In fact, it couldn't have been more than a few weeks ago that this topic came up with someone (I can't remember who) and I told them that my great-grandmother had all the garden and plant knowledge and had taken it all with her!

Natalie's point on being specific in your writing is that you don't just call it a tree. If it's a dogwood, know it's a dogwood and call it by name. She writes, "About ten years ago I decided I had to learn the names of plants and flowers in my environment. I bought a book on them and walked down the tree-lined streets of Boulder, examining leaf, bark, and seed, trying to match them up with their descriptions and names in the book."

Of course, I was read…

Everyone is glue

"I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you."

Remember that? I recall hearing it early in elementary school. I am not sure who said it or where it came from but we hear it so often that we might be tempted to believe it. However, it is a complete lie.

Words stick. Everyone is glue. Whatever we say and whatever is said to us, no matter how much we want to act like words don't stay with us, they do.

It's easy to say something incredibly stupid in the heat of the moment and then expect to be allowed to take it back. You can try to take it back and you can be forgiven but what you said will stick with people regardless and can have impacts that we can't even begin to understand

We should always be aware of this each time we are going to speak. I don't know if it is wisdom in my older age or just the fact that I've opened mouth and inserted foot so many times over the years that I find myself saying less and less and list…

It's coooooooold out there, Aqua Sleep Man!

Current temp at the home office at 6:48am:

This is a morning that truly feels like fall! Of course, it starts slowly warming up this afternoon through Sunday but then we get even cooler weather next week just in time for Halloween.
BTW, Aqua Sleep Man was the cartoon spokesman of Aqua Sleep World here in the 80's and most of the winter commercials would be for heated waterbeds and end with the "It's coooooooooooold out there, Aqua Sleep Man!" phrase. This is the only version of those commercials that I could find on YouTube.
So, vacation has ended and I am slowly getting back into the normal routine, sitting at the kitchen table as I write this, sipping a nice, hot cup of coffee which reminds me that last night I ordered coffee with supper and the waiter exclaimed, "You want coffee THIS LATE!?" and I am not sure if he was looking out for me or just didn't want to deal with having to make coffee. I'm thinking it was the latter. I always l…


Yes, it is the first day of my vacation and I started my week off right by getting up even earlier than normal because I couldn't sleep (not smart since we have an away football game tonight) and checking out the beautiful weather that we have to look forward to that is causing us to alter our travel plans.

Oh, well.

Regardless of how the weather goes, I'll have plenty of time (I hope) to get some reading done and to NOT endlessly scroll through social media feeds. That's why my iPad is staying home but my Paperwhite is going with me!

And, I am starting the vacation right with a trip to the library later this morning. YAY!

What suicide does and does not do

Last night, I found myself having to grasp for the right words and thoughts as my daughters lost another classmate and I have spent a lot of time since this news observing from afar the grief of this young girl's family and close friends via posts on social media and reliving and reanalyzing my own past experiences.

A lot of thoughts have run through my mind. What can we do to save our young people from suicide? Why does it seem to be happening so often? Are my kids really as happy as they seem to be or are they hiding some sort of pain that I am missing?

It's a lot to consider. It's a lot to worry about.

When I was around their age, suicide was pretty much unheard in my life of until I got a phone call at age 16 on a sunny July morning in 1990. The only portrayal of it I remember from before that was in "Romeo and Juliet" and there was nothing about the play or the movie that made it look appealing at all.

Fast forward to 2017 and I worried about "13 Reasons Wh…

The regular topics seem even more pointless than normal

Terrible news fills the newscasts and social media feeds yet life in Armpit keeps moving along as normal.

I sprayed the weed and feed as you may have heard on Up In This Brain 325 and now the yard is mostly brown. Who would have guessed that my yard was about sixty percent weeds? Oh, well. Maybe I won't have to mow this week or any more for the rest of the year, if I'm lucky. And, yes, I did find weed and feed on clearance at Walmart last night so I picked up a bottle for next year. Now I just need to find some good clearance prices on a seed spreader and some Roundup for next year. Always think ahead!

Speaking of thinking ahead, we got our inside Halloween decorations up yesterday and we'll be putting up the outside stuff at the end of next week. As part of that, my big red tote of outside decorating stuff that is filled with bulbs and cords and spare parts is now down in the garage where it will stay until the Christmas decorations come down.

Everything is a blur from now u…