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My latest radio purchase: Eton Executive Satellit

A couple of weeks ago, I opened up Facebook Marketplace, which I do from time to time although I had never bought anything on it and one of the suggested items surprised me. In hindsight, it shouldn't have because Facebook obviously knows more about me than I know about myself. It was a shortwave radio and I do love radios. This particular radio is one I had been curious about for a while and the price was insanely low and the seller was just about sixty miles away.

The radio, which I picked up last weekend, is an Eton Executive Satellit. It was being sold as new in box for the insanely low price of $25. That's right, a radio that typically sells for around $110 new, for $25. It seemed too good to be true.

The pictures were of the radio in the box. I asked if it had been tested. It had. The seller had multiple good reviews. I went for it.

And, I'm glad I did. It ended up being exactly as described.

I did place a piece of Dim It Light Dimming Sheet over the display because …

Sweater repair

I finally had to repair the pockets of my cardigan sweater. The pockets had slowly separated from the sweater and had begun to resemble loose flaps. This was quite unsightly and bordered on embarrassing.

This particular sweater, one of two that I bought on clearance at the local outlet mall, probably in 2003, hangs over the chair in my home office and never leaves the house. I use it on chilly days when I don't want to turn on the heat and on warmer days when the air conditioning is going full blast but I don't want to turn it down because the sun bakes the side of the house where the home office is later in the afternoons.

I've worn it many times and I probably don't wash it often enough but it serves me well and has a nice Perry Como vibe to it.

Here it is, folded back, right before the repair procedure commenced. I used a wonderful product called Liquid Stitch and glued those pockets nicely back in place and then I placed stacks of books on each pocket to apply pres…

Ploink ploink ploink

It is still raining here and I am sitting at the kitchen table, typing this out on my newly-fixed and back in service Asus Transformer (more on that in a bit) and I am listening to the rain coming down. I can hear it hitting the panes of glass on the window beside me and also, I guess, colliding with the deck that is right on the other side. Or maybe that is the sound of the rain making contact with the gutter that runs along just to the upper right of where I sit.

Ploink ploink ploink.

It has been raining for what seems like weeks. We've probably had a foot of rain here this month and dark, gloominess and flooding are our constant companions now. School is out today because they didn't want to risk getting students out of their homes only to have no way to get them back if this is just enough rain to push the creeks and streams into the roads. So far, so good but the heavier rain is still on the way.

Ploink ploink ploink.

I normally don't hear the sound the raindrops make…


It's gloomy here today. In fact, it is so dark at times that I nearly need to turn on the lights and it's not even 1PM yet.

I resist turning on the lights because I am not a big fan of artificial lighting and I will do as much as I can with as little natural light as is available before giving in and turning on either the drafting lamp attached to my work desk or the small lamp that sits on a dresser directly behind me.

I especially don't like overhead lighting but I'm not exactly sure why.

Maybe it has to do with my wearing glasses for the last four decades and how much brightness and glare seems to bother me more with each passing year.

Maybe I am carrying on a trait of my great-grandmother who would often sit in her chair until it was totally dark, seeing no need to get up and turn on a lamp, which could be quite creepy because I would come home and turn on the light and there she would be, in what was a few seconds before a completely dark room.

Maybe less light ju…

A tale of two tweets

I opened Twitter this morning and found that Frozen 2 was trending. Yep, they released a teaser trailer for Frozen 2 and Twitter went nuts.

Well, kind of nuts. Frozen 2 and other Frozen 2 related words like Elsa and Olaf are trending but only in the thousands of tweets.

Maybe Twitter is losing it's mojo.

Anyway, I thought of something I felt was mildly funny (barely) and tweeted it as follows:
If this was the 80's, they would have called it Frozen Again: Back in the Deep Freeze.

Ha Ha Ha! Right?


I was looking at that tweet and I clicked on the little "View Tweet Activity" and in 30 minutes, I had a very paltry 14 impressions. Of course, I had no hashtags and was doing nothing at all to try to break through the noise of Twitter to viral goodness.

That's when I decided to retool my tweet. I copied it, deleted it, pasted it back and added the official Disney hashtag for the movie and mentioned "Frozen 2" in the tweet. I also made a minor ch…

Is it social media or is it just a website?

I was reading something this morning (that I sadly did not bookmark for later and apparently wasn't memorable enough to remember aside from what I am about to write about) which mentioned what the writer thought was the "Facebook killer" we've all been waiting for when we all know there is no such thing.

This is one I haven't heard of before and I'm not going to share it here because I don't want to be responsible for anyone joining it out of the misguided thought that it is different from any other social media website no matter what they say in their mission statement or whatever they call it.

Unlike Ello, this one is free to start but has charges as you go on. Need more gigs of space than they allow you? You go from free to $5 a month. If I'm paying for space, it's really like I'm paying for a website. When does it stop being social media and start being a website. Couldn't I just create a site like this one right here or buy one over a…

Experiments in podcasting

I have had an Anchor account since late last year. I had played around with it thinking their app might be a bossjock replacement but luckily, we have Backpack Studio now so there has been no need to use it.

I remembered the account just yesterday because Spotify bought Anchor and Gimlet Media and I downloaded the app again and looked at it but thought, will I ever have a use for this?

Well, this morning, I am on the Discord and told the group that I was on the way to McDonald's and Doug suggested I record that trip so I ended up with a short audio file that I guess I could have made a part of an Up In This Brain episode but I decided to take the opportunity to finally use that languishing Anchor account so here we are - the birth of yet another podcast!

The clips don't blend together as well as I would have liked. I recorded my audio on my iPhone with Voice Memo and imported that clip along with the intro and outro into the Anchor app. I probably could have edited it a bit. I…

Peeking over the fence

I peek out over the fence into the vast internet as I type this out.

This blog post is my "Helllllllllooooooooo, ooooouuuttttt tttttthhhhheeeeerrrrreeee!?"

I keep retreating back to the blog and away from social media because I am really trying to limit my exposure to all of the noise. And by noise, I mean all of the things I don't want to see and the things I don't want presented to me via angry/uninformed/half-informed/biased social media but instead via a respectable news source, reported on by people with (hopefully) as little bias as possible.

Alan Jacobs wrote about this recently, explaining that he does not have Facebook nor Twitter nor does he watch the news but instead reads the news once a week so he completely bypasses the online outrage over certain events.

I'm too scared to go that long without the news. I find myself having to check in on the news at least a few times a day because I have no news apps on my phone so nothing would automatically notify…

Finally February

The gloomiest month, the big letdown after Christmas month, is finally over.

It's February and the F might as well stand for fool as I am trying to fool my mind into thinking that we're on the way to spring while trying not to think about how we're not even half-way through winter. Maybe, just maybe, it won't be a terribly cold and snowy February no matter what the rodent does tomorrow.

It seems like it's been chilly since October but I think a lot of it has to do with all of the rain we've had since the end of September. In fact, after tomorrow, rain is in the forecast for all of next week starting Monday. Blurgh!

Whatever happens, I'm ready to get out of the house a bit more than I have over the last few days (Thanks, Polar Vortex. Please don't come back.)

The forecast the weekend is:

So, this computer is going to be off (actually, as soon as I hit publish on this post) and I'm going to get out and enjoy this little taste of spring while I can. I …