2007 in Review

2007. If you could go back in time to December 29, 2006 and ask me what I thought 2007 would turn out like, there is no way I could predict the rollercoaster this year has been. I can't even remember much about 2006. I think life probably seemed somewhat more calm then, but the signs of trouble were already lingering.

We'll come out of 2007 stronger because we swayed a bit at times but did not break. I've been through years where everything got tainted by tragedy and somehow we are older and wiser now - this year was different. The key point that amazes me about 2007 is how positive we stayed while enduring some pretty hard times.

Thinking back, I wrote out 5 "milestone" nuggets which sum up 2007. It's basically odds and ends that ended up highlighting (or "lowlighting") the year. They are purely random items - not meant to reflect every family event and no mention of what happened in the news of the world. There are no politics here - just the little weird stuff that makes me who I am.

So, let's visit 5 of the highlights of the year:

5. Started working at home.
Yes - through some sort of landlord dispute, the lease on the building housing my office was lost. My option was to have a 70 mile daily commute. I got very lucky in getting to move the main office to my house. It has been quite an adjustment moving stuff all over our already small house, but in the last month I settled into a small corner of the bedroom. Even without interruptions, the job is pretty consuming. I'm sure life would be out of control without my small home office hideaway.

4. Got a Treo and a new laptop
OK. Sounds like petty material stuff. The treo gave me the motivation to start the blog. I finally had the ability to carry a camera with me at all times and I caught a lot of stuff I would have never caught in the past. I started the blog as a picture journal to show day to day life and it has continued to evolve.
The laptop - the Gateway T-1620 - is my personal, non-work, laptop for blogging, surfing the web, and general goofing off. Before I used old hand-me-downs or ebay laptops just to be able to close work and get away from it. This is more than a laptop - it is my escape!

3. Got a "new" car.
My wife's grandmothers horrible car accident (more on that in the next two days) was my motivation to stop picking up my daughters in my trusty 1999 Chevy Metro.

Two days after her wreck, we went to the dealership and bought a nicely used 4-door 2003 Pontiac Vibe. I feel safer in it. The Metro was a great car and I do miss it, but I feel better knowing my kids are in a bigger vehicle. And, I don't look like as much of a dork driving it as I did the Metro!

2. I discovered "Corner Gas"
My favorite show has been on in Canada for 5 seasons. It came to the U.S. this fall and I'm hooked. It's right in line with my sense of humor. I now have 4 seasons on DVD and 2 shirts. They own my soul. I didn't get the "Corner Gas Uniform Shirt" for Christmas, but I did get a $10 coupon - so it's now on the way. Yeah! The show has brought me a lot of enjoyment and laughs and been quite the stress reliever.

1. Sara started kindergarten.
On July 30th, our oldest daughter was off to school - real school. It was quite an adjustment for me more than her! You know this day is coming and you prepare for it as much as you can, but the fact is that time does not stop and she has to grow up. I know just how fast it goes by and we do our best to treasure every moment.

Picture from the first day of school - right after we arrived, she sat down at her desk to pose for this.