Out with the old...

I guess my #1 event of 2007 would be all of the time I spent at the hospital. We spent a lot of time at the E.R. and various doctor's offices until my mother received the diagnosis of cancer - which oddly enough was what the E.R. attending suspected on our first sudden trip to the hospital. June came and the surgery was a success eventhough an infection brought a second week back at the hospital. So far, so good. The doctor was quite optimistic that they caught it early enough. She refused follow up radiation, so we stay a bit on edge. A couple of weeks after my mother came home, my wife's grandmother was seriously injured in a car accident. She ended up in ICU on a respirator for over a week of her month long hospital stay. Then, there was rehab. She is home now but still stuggling with the changes in her life. We have been very lucky that each case has turned out as well as it has and we hope there will be continued improvement for both in '08. On the bright side, work turned into a nice escape from hospital corridors. We found time to go to Birmingham one week and work on a warehouse picking system.. lots of machinery here!
Finally, we were lucky enough to find our dog Alex through a pet rescue last January. This was our first Christmas with her here and we are blessed to have such a good dog that won't bite you for putting her in silly outfits like this. (Dogs never forget and I think this is why she jumped up in a chair and stole my breakfast one morning a couple of months after this picture was taken!)
That's it. 2007 was some kind of year. I hope that 2008 will be less crazy but I'm as prepared as I can get. We'll take it one day at a time.

I thought I'd never stay up until midnight tonight, but I did - no one else did in our house. So, I saw Dick Clark again. The first one I remember is 1980. It seemed like such a big deal when 1979 was over - I'm not sure what we expected. 28 years later - still no jet packs - still no tourism to Mars. They are still playing Blondie and the Go Go's on the radio so I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same. Happy 2008!