Looking back

Today was my sister-in-law's graduation from my alma mater, Western Kentucky University. I have rarely been back since I graduated (maybe 3 times in 10 years). The reason? I'm not sure. I guess we all have certain regrets - things we would do in a different way if we had a do-over. I have plenty about college. First and foremost, I would have enjoyed the experience a lot more and worried a lot less. The space and distance of time makes it easier to accept those regrets and just move forward. The people I met - teachers and friends - still have lasting impact on me daily and I am grateful for that.

The uniform room! I worked in there for three years. The foundation for every working success I have had all goes back to the fundamentals I learned in this job.

I started at WKU in August of 1991 and moved away in July of 1996. The 5 years went by far too fast.