Another exciting weekend!

The stomach bug going around really slowed down our weekend. Our oldest had it last week and now the youngest is starting to get over it (hopefully). So, we stayed around the house all weekend. Here is "Our Saturday in Pictures":

If you don't get out of the bed fast enough, we just make the bed right over you.
The new pool started going up Saturday morning. I bought this in November on clearance at Kmart for $40! It is $150 new. It sat at my wife's parents all winter since they were going to use it. Our pool died, so we got it back. The pool is by INTEX and I couldn't recommend it more. It was easy to put up, very sturdy, and best of all - it came with full instructions on a DVD!!
Later in the afternoon, it was done!
To celebrate, I broke out the Taco Bell gear and made fajitas and tostadas. Sara (my future photojournalist) took this picture!
The dog wanted fajitas but no - only yummy prescription dog food for her! (Digestive problems=expensive dog)

I stayed up until 12:30AM going through boxes from the attic. Alex was pooped. Another Saturday was gone.