Today is my father's 74th birthday. I'm not sure where the time has gone. He retired last year and is back at work now doing part-time right where he retired from. I guess work keeps you young. With two kids to put through college, I guess I'll get to stay young forever!

It's odd to think about my parents getting older (my mother will be 70 in November). Yesterday would have been both my grandmother's (gone in '78 at age 58 - another smoking related heart attack - don't smoke!) and great-grandmother's (gone in '93 at the age of 96) birthdays. June used to be pretty busy around our house! Since 1993, it's been eeriely quiet. My wife has a pretty big family but my parents are now all that is left of mine. I'm lucky - I moved back home 10 years ago and I've had a lot of extra time with them that a lot of people don't get.

It has not all been a smooth ride - getting to know the parents that I don't really think I knew that well when I lived under their roof- but I'm grateful for the time I have had and I will not move away, regardless of what happens at work. Time is much more important than money.