18 years

Eighteen years ago tonight, I graduated from high school. I only remembered this because I have a weird knack for remembering certain dates and graduation is one of those stuck in my head.

The milestone is that I have now been out of my parents house longer than I was in it.

Even though I already had a college, a scholarship, and a major before I even walked across the platform to get my diploma, I still had no idea what I really wanted to do.

Somehow - by fate or karma or whatever - I ended up right here: about 40 miles away from where I grew up - in a career that has nothing to do with my degree - and perfectly satisfied with that.

I have a quote on my Facebook that perfectly sums up my life in those last eighteen years : "Everything good that happened to me happened by accident. I was not filled with ambition nor fired by a drive toward a clear-cut goal. I never knew exactly where I was going." - Jack Benny

Right before I came in here to type this up, I was sitting in my daughter's room reading a Disney book with her. That is all that really matters.

I ended up in the right place.