Field Day

More rain moving in for our Saturday - not that I wanted to do any yard work today anyway. I still have a tree I need to cut down in the back that is leaning over since the storms we had almost a month ago but it's been too wet to safely get it down ever since. I love living in the swamp.
Speaking of rain, the kids had one half of field day yesterday before all of the rain moved in and runied that also. Sara is second from the back assisting on the tug of war.
Sara ended up second from the back again here. Notice how determined the rest of them look and she is just going with the flow. Future CEO right there.
This is right before the huge loss against the second graders. I think they were all on steroids.
Sara is at the far end and came in second in the class in the softball throw!
Lindsay was here too but it started raining before I could get pictures of her (she was at lunch most of the time I was there).
So, the storms came and field day ended. Nothing was planned but watching movies and sitting around. I did what any good parent would do - I checked them both out of school and brought them home so they could watch movies and sit around!