First, a mention of Dom DeLuise. I guess I remember him mostly from being in the Muppet Movie and then the Cannonball Run movies. He was really popular in the late '70's and early '80's. In more recent years, he still had 'it' - whatever it was that makes someone genuinely funny. Him and Robin Williams are two of the most high-energy comics you could watch. He always came across as a good guy, so here's to him. Salute!

Either this week hasn't been as crazy-busy at work or I've just gotten used to the new pace of life. In my spare time, I've been able to pack up some of the stuff that I am moving into my real office, plus I've gotten some much needed spring cleaning out of the way. I finally got a secure office at our closest building (around 40 miles or so away), so I can store equipment there and not in my garage/attic/bedroom. This is good because some of that stuff is pretty expensive and I was just waiting for a dog/kid/clumsiness accident to happen with some of that stuff sitting around here. I have to go back Friday and move some more of it in.

I've also finally gotten comfortable enough in my job (3 months here at the new company this week!) that I finally cleaned up the old company car (the Contour of Fun) and have it all shined up and ready for some of my upcoming road trips.

In spring cleaning news, I caught up on all of the yard work last night and today I took a TON of stuff to the thrift store. They got a variety of stuff, including two shredders, two CB's, 3 antennas, a bunch of clothes, an old Palm Pilot, CD's, movies, office supplies, a desk lamp.

I also finally threw out all of the CD cases and DVD cases that were wasting space in the attic. I moved all of those into organizers two years ago and finally chucked all of that junk. All of those plastic cases just take up space. Al Gore would have cried watching me throw 3 garbage bags of plastic cases into the dumpster.

It is not supposed to rain (thank goodness). Maybe the Tylenol will kick in and I can get over the "I overdid it" feeling that has settled into my muscles and limbs.

That's it. The buttons are from our 1989 trip to Canada.

All for now.