A case of the Mondays

Random thoughts for Monday:
  • What a rainy and humid day. I think it topped out around 95 today and we got two pretty good lines of storms. The latest one scooted just west of us as it slid on by. I still have trees leaning on trees where it is either too wet or too hot to start cutting down the mess. It may be October before the weather cooperates enough to clean that up.
  • Now on TLC... "Jon & Kate Separate". Pretty catchy, huh? I watched a bit of it out of morbid curiosity. It's a mess and a terrible situation but what is worse is that the show seriously impacted their lives. But fame is like drinking - the more you get, the more you act like you truly are in the first place. This didn't just happen but the show definitely accelerated the fire.
  • Today was way too busy and there is still much more to do. This is going to be a crazy week. The good news is that the faithful '99 Contour made it through the dealership visit with flying colors. They said it is in excellent shape. It's probably in better shape than I am.
  • Father's Day was OK. I had some pesky stomach bug all day that really ran me down. Could have been the revenge of the fried food from the night before. I got the Weather Brain that is in one of my Twitpics. I need to get on Amazon and write up a review. It's one of those things you never think you need until you get one. Now I will have zero excuse for forgetting the umbrella.

Off to bed. We'll see what Tuesday brings.