Another week

I am now paying for my "weekend of laziness" in which I ignored the lawn and most other "to do's" around the house. With the rain coming back in the forecast and so much to do at work, I had to give in and mow tonight. Mowing is not fun when it is 91 degrees and the humidity is 1000%. I also goofed up my right knee again in the process of said mowing. I feel that a bionic knee will be inevitable.

A week or so ago I hit the 99 cent sale at the "last chance book store" (where all remainders go to die) and I picked up this book...
Haunting, as it says on the cover, nails it perfectly. It's really a gripping read and I am shocked it was in the 99 cent stuff. I went back for the other copy they had and it was gone. I'm not sure how to describe it. There is a gloomy odd aura about it that the author pulls you into. The weather is its own character in here - you can picture yourself right there running in the rain or watching the sun burn off all of the rain. It's almost spooky at times and I'm quite curious as to how it will end.

Well, off to pop some Tylenol. Tomorrow will be a fun day at the office in Lavergne.