Radio Shack Portavision 16-127, Much Beloved Hot Pink Television, is Obsolete at 16

Portavision 16-127, the long time kitchen television owned by the creator of this blog, has become obsolete. It was 16 and lived in Lebanon, Tennessee.

The cause was the national transition to digital television that begins at 12:01 AM tonight in Nashville.

Portavision, a 4.5 inch diagonal black and white analog television set with a hot pink casing, was manufactured in 1993 and was purchased on clearance at the Radio Shack in Bowling Green, Kentucky's Greenwood Mall in early 1994.

Portavision was used mainly in the kitchen while cooking or during thunderstorms. It lived in a variety of cities including Cincinnati, Ohio.

Its owner, who declined to be identified for this article, said "It was the best bargain I ever got. Just thirty dollars and it lasted me faithfully for 15 years. It's been part of my life longer than my wife, my kids, and most of my pairs of socks. It was here when I was thin and had most of my hair and even stuck by me during the chubby years. It will be missed."