Today was too productive

I hope my co-workers don't start to expect it daily. Actually, this has been an incredibly productive week. I have no idea what it is but I have hit a stride lately. I can only remember a few times in the past few years where things really really started to click and this was one of those weeks. Could it be the kids Hawaiian Punch that I keep sneaking drinks of? Maybe it's exposure to chlorine from cleaning the pool? Has my dislike of Sarah Palin propelled me to a new found energy (You rock, Dave!)?

Anyhow, next week is another 1500 mile round-tripper. I'll be visiting 6 sites in the Carolinas upgrading invoice printers. I know it sounds glamourous - tooling around in the rental car, yanking the guts out of 15 year old printers and staying at a different hotel each night. At least I'll get to see the beach on two of those nights and that alone makes all of the driving worthwhile.

I spent today getting everything as prepared as possible for the trip. The weekend will be about getting some rest and goofing off - which is what every weekend should be about!