Entry #500

Today was so rainy and cloudy and just plain "blah" which did little to make me also not feel "blah". In addition to being "blah", I've also been dealing with this nagging sinus headache all day.

This did not stop me from updating the layout here in celebration of entry #500.

Where has the time gone? I started writing here on Friday, June 17, 2007. There have sure been plenty of ups and downs over those 2 years and 40 or so days.

I've had a lot of personal and professional changes happen and I guess "change" would be the keyword to describe my life at work for the past 5 months ("Blah" was just the special keyword for today). After a while you just want to settle into a groove and relax and that is not happening. I think it is slowly wearing me down.

I wish I had some profound words for this special occasion but I do not. I'm not sure that there is much that could be called profound in any of the entries here. All I can do is keeping looking around and writing about those things I feel I can put into words and sharing those things that give me a chuckle. I try to share things I feel are important for my kids to look back on and read one day - like capturing the special times we had together. Time passes so swiftly.

I'm looking forward to the next 500. I wonder where they will take us.