Field Trip!

"Take your kids to work" day is normally in April every year but I was out of town this April (all of it, just about). I've been promising the kids I would show them where I work for quite a while and today I delivered on that promise. I had to go ahead and do it early since school starts back at the end of July and my workplace won't exist when next April rolls around. (We have right under one month to go and it is finally starting to sink in. Don't fret - it appears I will continue to have a job after all of this happens).
So, here are some pictures capturing the event...
Sara took this picture. Looks like a pudgy middle aged guy has taken over my office.
Sara took this too. This is Lindsay getting ready to discuss her write up for reading magazines on the job.

The kids were most fascinated with this machine. This is where magazines (and sometimes unfortunate purses, cell phones and bags of tools) go when they are bad. Shame on them.

These are totes filled with the magazines you see at Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc. Endless information about Michael Jackson is ready to leap from these pallets.

This is Sara after she stole my nametag.

Here they are at the end of the tour. Next stop was Target where they begged for clothes. At least they are not begging for toys anymore.
We all emerged from the warehouse with all of our fingers still attached. That alone made today a success.