Summer is slipping on by

I am totally losing track of time and losing my grip on summer. School starts back in just over two weeks (since our local school system is insane) and one month from today, our local operation at work shuts down. Between home life and work life, the to do list is overflowing. But, there is still time for TV.

I watch very little TV and these guys are getting all the attention - even here in my own house. I find myself watching bits and pieces but I really don't get "it". I guess it beats reruns but I'd rather hide somewhere with a good book.

We've started watching this show and it's pretty good so far. Remember Mark Feuerstein from "Good Morning Miami"? It was on NBC for 2 whole years. He's good but I have a terrible habit of getting bored with even the best shows. Tonight I drifted in and out of a magazine during the whole show. I don't know why my viewer remorse happens the most on USA. I was really into "Burn Notice" and then stopped watching it. Same with "Monk". It's just hard for me to commit a whole hour each week to anything!

In "Nerd News", I have 7348 MB available in my GMAIL account and I only have 97 emails in there. I'm guessing that this is a sign that I can't commit to holding on to emails either.