Truth in Advertising? Grade D B-Holes

It's not the extremely over the top commercials running here for the Hardees Biscuit Holes (or "B-Holes" as they call them on TV) that made me want to try them. It was my love of cinnamon and the fact that normally Hardees has a decent breakfast.

Read this awesome description from the Hardees website:

Made from Scratch™ biscuit dough, cut into doughnut-like holes, deep fried then tossed in cinnamon & sugar. Served with sweet icing for dipping!

Look at this picture provided by Hardees online:

Look how they are shown on TV:

Look at what I got this morning. No, they are not hushpuppies. These are the actual B-Holes.
Plus, the broken apart one was like that when I opened the box.

They look like wads of dough thrown in the deep fryer at the county fair but don't taste near as good:

There was a slight slight hint of cinnamon on at least 2 of them that I ate. They didn't taste terrible - it was just like dipping a biscuit in icing. The ones that were overcooked went in the trash.

I give this batch of b-holes a big fat D.