Too much free time today. We are running inventory today but the inventory company comes in and does all of the counts. We wait and verify counts once they are ready. They are almost finished and we are about to start the verifying. I'm been here since 7AM. I've tried to keep busy. I even verified entire sections that they finished first. I could have spot checked them but I counted all of it. Anything to stop my mind from wandering.

My hang up today is wishing that I no longer had to travel all the time for work. My father never travelled for work. He was in at 7:30AM and home by 6. Yet, even with no travel, I can't say I really knew him at the time (or do now for that matter). I wonder if I do my kids a disservice by being gone and then I wonder if I do them a disservice by being too busy with the mundane chores of house running (like the yard) when I am there. Do they really know me?

This is why it is best to stay busy. There is a lot that can run through your mind in a 90 degree warehouse. I know there are changes that need to be made. I just have no idea where to start.