Another Friday

I gave in and took one Benadryl but that was all it took to make the afternoon sluggish. I did get my home office clean up finished and it is a much simpler and more inviting space now. I'll post some pics of the clutter-free space later on.
I am heading to Atlanta on Monday for work. I am NOT looking forward to that since I will be going through equipment and moving stuff for three days. I head home Wednesday and then back to Atlanta on Friday for a wedding. 20 hours of driving in one week - I'll have to not take Benadryl eventhough I have my Tylenol PM ready so I can actually sleep in the hotel room during this trip. I have this nasty habit of laying there awake until 1 or 2AM on the first night and then being tired beyond belief for the rest of the trip.
Changes, changes, and more changes at work. I'm hoping to ride the wave and not get drowned in the surf. Other than that, I am hoping we can hide out most of the weekend (out of the rain) and just catch up on some TV!