Monday, Monday

Some rambling tidbits for a suprisingly dry Monday -
  • Thanks to our local government, I got to vote to take an extra $50 out of my pocket every year to go toward building a new high school so my kids don't have to go to a 50-year old dump. We don't get taxed enough and since our county officials couldn't hash out a budget we get another bill passed on to us. So, nevermind that one of the fastest growing retail areas in the state is right here in our county. You can never have enough greed - uh, I mean, money.
  • I finally gave up and started taking down our above-ground pool yesterday. We have not been in there since the first week of August since it has been too cold to get in for most every day over the last month. I am scared to think about what this winter will bring.
  • Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Idiot, idiot, idiot.
  • Looking forward to some Jay Leno tonight. I can't say I stay up past 9 much since I have to be at work so early every morning but I am looking forward to something being on every night that does not involve watching an autopsy or being in an emergency room or a courtroom. It will be nice to have something funny on because we get enough drama every day in real life.
  • My incredibly productive streak at work continued today. I am starting to get nervous wondering what will derail it all.

That's it for tonight. Back to the office tomorrow and I am guessing the rain will finally come in. The drive in will most likely be a real hoot!