My NBC Thursday Night Comedy Reviews (I'm watching too much tv)

It's week 2 of the new season of NBC's Thursday night comedies. Two weeks is all I need to fire up the blog and give away some of my worthless opinions.

7:00 Central- SNL in Primetime (or "Weekend Update Primetime" or "Lorne Michaels Has Taken Over NBC") - I don't really know what to call it. I'm patiently waiting for 30 Rock to come back. This 30 minute 'SNL Lite' is OK. There are weird, awkward pauses at times that make me think the timing is a bit off. Maybe there is a satellite delay. The little tribute to Guiding Light with Megan Fox was perfectly overacted and quite funny. And, Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton - always a winner.

7:30 - Parks and Recreation - I didn't really get into this show last year but it's become my favorite show on Thursday night. Yes - I'm surprised to say that since I really thought I'd be all over Community instead (more on that in a bit). P&R is a great ensemble comedy and reminds you of The Office (of course, since it is the same people) but it does not have any of the restrictions or cringes of The Office (more on that in a bit too).
Parks and Recreation - absolutely my favorite show of 2009 so far. No, it is not new, but I just discovered it.

8:00 - The Office - I really got annoyed with The Office last year. One word - cringe. Last week was not as bad but tonight I had to flip the channel for a bit. They really have made Michael Scott so far over the top that he is annoying. They really need to tone him down and let him grow some. The way they had him throw Jim under the bus tonight - it was too much of a reminder of actual work. Hello - NBC - I am watching TV as an escape, not a reminder!! However - The Dwight and Toby surveillance mission - purely awesome.

8:30 - Community - Well, I'm still a bit confused on this one. I really drifted tonight. I enjoyed the pilot and tonight had some funny parts but overall I'm not sure I can commit. If The Office gets too annoying, it won't be hard for me to turn off my TV at 8PM.

9:00 - The Jay Leno Show - I'm watching now. Rush Limbaugh is on. Rush is always entertaining. Jay is always entertaining. I won't watch every night since I get up way too early to stay up until 10PM every night. But, what I have seen, I like.

So, here are some other snippets from Fall TV 2009:
How I Met Your Mother - Watched the premiere and I'm almost done with it.
Accidentally On Purpose - turned it off!
Two and a Half Men - forgot to turn the TV back on. Heard the premiere was excellent and a real turn around from last year. I will try it next week.
Big Bang Theory - The premiere was kind of off, I felt. It was still the best show of the night.
Glee - I liked the pilot sneak peek last May and I am still enjoying it. This show is a winner.
Flipping Out - I'm two weeks behind but I will catch up this weekend. Still love this show.
Grey's Anatomy - stopped watching two years ago and don't miss it a bit.

That's it. I haven't watched anything else yet!