Video Countdown to the Holiday Weekend #1

Why just videos this week? Because I've been too tired to write anything even remotely creative. Work is busy, busy, busy and I've doubted at times that my sanity would last until the four day weekend. I took tomorrow off and will take 4 more days over the next couple of months. I've just decided I need to take a break or I'll burn out completely.

So, I am also taking the 4-day weekend off of the blog. We're just going to goof around here and around for the next 4 days and try to avoid anything at all related to work or actual thinking.

Since I've been on a Psychedelic Furs kick lately, I'll leave you with this video - it's not the real actual video but another one of those wonderful lip-synced pre-TRL kind of shows from the '80's. From 1987 - Heartbreak Beat -