Video Countdown to the Holiday Weekend - #3

We dig in to the dusty bin of movie soundtracks and take it back to 1987 tonight. "The Secret of My Success" was an OK movie - decently funny but not a classic. Amazingly, it hauled in $66 million dollars at the box office (Calculating inflation would make that $123 million 2009 dollars!!!) and it was the 7th most popular film of the year! Who would have thought it?

Only reaching #64 on the charts was Night Ranger singing the theme from the movie. I have the 45 and it is really catchy and stands out nicely against all the crap that was on the radio in '87. (Walk Like an Egyptian? Puke.)

The video is just plain cheap. The mullets are fantastic. The guy in the red sweatshirt reminds me of the police sketches of the Unabomber. The song deserves a play even if most of the lyrics make as little sense as the video (I never say maybe and I go for it all - just like the sound of electric guitars. Huh?)

And, if you forgot the movie, here is the trailer...