A Comedy Renaissance in Prime Time

I think that there is a weird correlation we could research and prove between the economy and the number of comedy shows on prime time TV. I believe that the networks have figured out that we're depressed enough at work and in daily life with the economy and the wars and the political junk that we need a lift at night.

I am not a drama fan at all. I've never watched an episode of Law and Order or Lost or CSI:Miami. I stopped watching House 4 years ago and may have seen 3 episodes of CSI. Last year, I was down to one night of prime time viewing (Monday) and Thursday had become quite optional since The Office was on a downward slope (too awkward).

Well, this year things have changed. Here's a summary of all of the stuff I am watching (Yes - this is all I watch) and thus wasting my precious time that I could be multitasking and working toward that Nobel Peace Prize:

The Big Bang Theory - here is a show that gets funnier every year and I was concerned with the season premiere since they were so quick to put Leonard and Penny together. I thought we would just see them going back and forth between being together and apart all year. Nope - they are playing off of their new relationship and this past episode was a classic as Sheldon was trying to "train" Penny out of her bad habits using chocolate. Be warned - this is one of the few shows that does not post complete episodes online so set your DVR's.

Other Monday news - I gave up on 'How I Met Your Mother' this year. Last year was frantic at best and I'm just done.

Flipping Out - I am behind 2 weeks on the DVR and we are near the end of the season. This is a 'documentary' (sort of) about Jeff Lewis who flips and remodels houses. The interaction with his staff and those he comes in contact with is just hilarious some weeks. This year we have learned that the staff is not allowed to poop at his house. Amazing.

The DVR is on fire on Wednesday now -
The Middle - I am slowly getting into this. It is really good but so close to my actual life that it makes me cringe sometimes.
Modern Family - The best new show of 2009 - I love that Ed O'Neil is back and has a hit and it is nothing like Married with Children. He is so much better than that. The cast on this show is perfect. And - Shelley Long is guesting as the Mom this week!!
Glee - Glee seems different than anything else on TV. The writing is just top notch. I'm not sure how they will keep it fresh but right now it's brilliant.
(Honorable Mention - Cougar Town is just plain funny and way over the top. I would not let my kids see it as I would not know how to answer all of the questions they would ask.)

Community - Community was funny in episode 1 and not-so-good in episode 2. It has steadily come back though and this week was really good. I think this one could be a long term winner as long as it stays out of ruts.
Parks and Recreation - Parks and Recreation is my vote for the funniest show on TV. I didn't really follow it last year but this year has been amazing. I hope enough people give it a chance for it to stick around. It was so good this week that I kept it on the DVR so I can force anyone who comes by my house to watch it. That includes the UPS man.
The Office - It's another show that can make me cringe. This season has been better. The Jim and Pam wedding episode is most likely going to be the defining episode of the show - like "The Soup Nazi" was for Seinfeld and "Chuckles the Clown" was for Mary Tyler Moore. It was one of the best written episodes of any show I have seen in a long time. To think this is season 6 and it has reinvented itself into one of the freshest shows on TV.
(In absentia...30 Rock - 30 Rock is about to come back. Last year was really good so I am looking forward to this year)

Nightly - I'd rather watch The Jay Leno Show than any autopsy or court show. I don't watch it every night since I try to read or actually sleep since my day starts so depressingly early. If you have not seen JMZ with Kate of 'Kate Plus 8' - click here now. Who knew she could act so well (or is she acting?!?)

Friday - I watch nothing
Saturday - I watch nothing - with the exception of college football.
Sunday - I watch nothing - with the exception of watching the Titans get beat every week.

That's all of my "TV Talk" column for this week.