A weekend of housework!

(Click to see a panoramic view of the attic!)

It's not much of a panoramic view since it is so tight up there. You can't really see all the wide open space but I am pleased that 90% of that stuff is holiday stuff and most of the floor is completely clear. I actually have about 50% less up there now than when we moved in 5 years ago. No Oprah hoarding episode for us unless you count my tote of Rodney the Reindeers or tote full of old high school junk.

I did finally purge all of the kids school papers. I kept the cute stuff. Everything else is gone. This was a tough one but I realized that I had saved every single paper they had brought home. In just K-1 for Lindsay and K-2 for Sara, that meant one full Glad ForceFlex bag. Yep - I had a problem there. Resolved!

I am heading to Cincinnati tomorrow morning and it looks like it will be rainy and yuk. I was hoping for better but the Zune is packed with podcasts and I know where to stop for good coffee. Let's hope the old Contour is up to the challenge.