Extreme Sara's Bedroom Makeover

First - the new Blogger photo tool is simply horrible. You upload them all at once but select them individually to put them in the post? I wasn't sure how you could take a terriribly designed function and make it worse, but now we have a stellar example.

Aside from "Blogger Gripe 2009", we took on painting and completely moving around everything in Sara's room this weekend. This is ahead of her birthday next Friday and stupid me said "Let's get it all done before her birthday party". There is nothing like popping Tylenol Arthritis like candy to make the weekend a delight.

Sara wanted "Smurf Blue" and she got it. Notice that Alex has already taken possession of the bed.

The High School Musical sheets have been deemed "not cool" and my mother's birthday gift to her is something that is cool so they are out right now making that purchase.

The other corner of the room. The wooden chest of drawers is mine - purchased for me in 1978. And, being in a computer nerd family, Sara has her own computer for streaming Radio Disney and not much else - yet. In this picture, Alex is just daring me to try to sit on the bed.