Suit up!

Have I mentioned that more rain is on the way? The 20 inches last month just wasn't enough. It hasn't rained since Sunday and everything in my yard is still wet! The ground still squishes when I walk out there. Enough weather - today I decided that I needed to wear something different to the wedding this weekend.

The problem - I have expanded regularly for the last few years. I work it off and then eat away the stress and the stress is winning! (I am craving Dunkin Donuts right now - a big maple doughnut and a large coffee. Yet, I am resisting since I am afraid of what the night crew there might do to the coffee.)

So, for the last few weddings and other suit-wearing events, I have worn my dad's suit. That's right - I expanded out of my own suit and borrowed a suit from my Dad because I was thinking my newly found "build" would be only temporary. Uh huh.

After 5 stores, I picked up a grey (or gray) blazer at Target and it actually fits! (46 R - just like my 'new to me' Members Only jacket). I'm not just wearing a suit so I can be like Barney Stinson - I am heading back to Georgia for a wedding. This means I am off until Tuesday! And, this weekend I get to be in a family picture not wearing my dad's navy blue suit.

Tune in next time for another exciting tale from Doughnut Eaters Anonymous.