Trudging through another week

What a week and still two days left. The "TO DO" list is packed and the more I check off, the more I add on. I think I am close to having the rest of the year planned out. I always have to work looking 2 months into the future and the holidays are no exception. There will be exciting visits to exotic places like Knoxville TN, Charlotte NC, and Detroit. Yep - Detroit in November. That should do it for 2009 - from Thanksgiving through New Years, I should have no nights away from home. As crazy as this year as been, this is a much needed break from the road.

I am slowly piecing the home office back together and getting ready for the inevitable end of my office coming in March 2010. I salvaged some shelving today for storing my work tools and equipment here in the garage. I gave away my 4 year old computer armoire on Freecycle. 5 minutes after I posted it, I had a taker. This gave me the garage space I needed for my 'garage makeover'. The shelving is up with plenty of space for my work gadgetry. I also got the rest of the pool put up today (after tons and tons of rain over the last two months, we finally got 3 dry days in a row. But, the rain returns tomorrow. Poo.)

That's it. 9:30. Time for sleep.