More holiday decorating progress!

With the help of child labor, we got all of the ornaments on the toxic gas emitting interior living space tree substitute! (At least that's what the Al Gore people call them.)

Notice that there is no theme on this tree - just tons of ornaments from different places and times.

 "Baby's First Christmas" and "First Year Together" and "A Christmas Story" and different odd places we happened to visit.

Today I will dig out my E.T. ornament from my childhood and will sneak that on the tree somewhere.

Do you have an ornament that looks like the front of a Cracker Barrel? I do. I have 10 (they were a dime a piece) but I am only allowed by the Wife in Charge to display one. I wish I could collect all types of businesses such as McDonalds and Wal-Mart. Let's do a Capitalism Christmas.

I do have a Walmart in the ceramic Christmas village and can't wait to find something tasteless to add there like an ATM machine or a Coke machine. Don't worry - there will be pictures.

Christmas at my house - it's like a holiday mismatch timewarp came in an barfed all over the house. In a weird way, it's oddly comforting.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!