November - Adieu. Aufwiedersehen. Gesundheit. Farewell.

Another month has flown by and the nation is all caught up in the spirit of giving.

This is not true.

Actually, the nation is recovering from adding to an average per family credit card debt that makes most incomes look like a mere speck on Black Friday and is still totally fixated on Tiger Woods and his golf club wielding wife.

It takes very little to entertain us all and we're easily distracted.

Our forefathers would be so proud. They built this country with their blood, sweat, and tears and the far majority of us sit at keyboards all day long with the greatest risk of bodily harm coming from a jammed finger or rolling our chairs over our own feet.

It's been one of those days - pondering junk like this can put you in a foul mood. Sitting in my office as one of the last four people left in a 130,000 square foot building with heating that reminds me of my old '73 VW Super Beetle doesn't help lift my spirits either.

I was lucky that I had very little time to sit still long enough to be cold. I ran back and forth between fixing 3 different laptops (try rebuilding just one laptop and get ready for hours and hours of Windows Updates before you can finish it up and ship it out) and 1 PC and 1 printer all day long  and all of it will still be waiting for me to finish up tomorrow as I make yet another 40 mile trek back to the office. Staying busy does make the day fly by and that is a blessing even when I feel I made little real progress against my never-ending to do list.

Just working at all in times like these more than makes up for any complaints I could have and I'm blessed eventhough this will be our tightest and most budgeted Christmas in years. I avoided Black Friday this year in part due to the fact that I just can't afford any impulse buys this year. It's all strategically planned like a military procedure. Just call me Captain Christmas.

I'm glad there is nothing new on TV tonight because I need the break. There is so much pressure to keep up with TV shows and that's probably why I watch less and less TV each year.

I am going to clean up some stuff and I am going to finally attack the stack of coupons that is taunting me. Hopefully, I won't get a papercut. I'll be brave and think of the many coupon clippers that came before me.

That's how I am going to close out this November.