New Years Day

We spent another New Years Eve with Anderson and Kathy and she once again defied FCC policy, morality, and taste. However, I'll take (and completely enjoy) Anderson feeling awkward every time Kathy asks him deeply personal and twisted questions over me feeling awkward listening to Dick Clark speak any day. Yes, it makes me a bad person because I get weird cold chills when I hear Dick Clark speak but I also think it's more that I am tired of Seacrest than anything else.

Hopefully Anderson will continue to have a good sense of humor and they will be back together next year because the CNN New Years Eve has to be gaining more and more viewers every year.

So, today we drove to the house I grew up in and spent most of the day with my parents. Health-wise things are about the same. I can't say I'm not starting 2010 with concern on what the year will bring on that front but I can only take it a day at a time. It is what it is.

We did get to leave with the coffee maker that my mother bought off QVC and stopped using. (She buys things from QVC on impulse and we score when she gets bored with the things she bought. I also have an Oreck vacuum that was received in this manner as she told us she liked it but it annoyed the dog.)

It is one of those Keurig cup at a time coffee makers that brews using the little cups. I appears to be ridiculously expensive and I'm not sure what will happen with it once we go through all the boxes of little cups she bought for some reason (I think there are 4 boxes of hot cocoa and 3 boxes of hazelnut coffee). It does look rather impressive sitting on the counter next to my $12 Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffeemaker.