School Program Night

Let me preface what I am about to write with this: I’m not against school programs and I do support the kids school. However, sitting on bleachers for almost two hours is pure, unbelievable torture. We had dinner at the school and then had to go and sit in the gym for an hour before the program even began! I remember sitting on the bleachers plenty when I was in school since it seems like I didn’t miss a home football or basketball game for years and I never remember the act of just sitting wearing me out. I always thought the knees were the first things to wear out, but I guess it is actually the buttocks.

Enjoy the attached video and be thankful that I edited the whole thing down to just over three minutes for your viewing pleasure. Watch it now before the evil corporately controlled zombies at YouTube strip the music out of it because some egomaniac musician doesn’t want me attaching his/her intellectual property to my home movies.