I can’t think of a catchy title for a dreary and dull day like this.


We’re getting ready for some rumbling tonight thanks to Ma Nature. This will be our first gusty storm front of the spring and I’m as ready as I can get. I already got the roof leak that materialized during the downpour last Sunday fixed. I checked the buckets of concrete I have as anchors inside of my shed. I bought more bags of top soil to put on the legs of the trampoline so it doesn’t turn into a flying saucer.

These are just regular parts of life here in the new Tornado Alley (Read “Tennessee – Deadliest State for Tornadoes since 2000”). It seems like we rarely have a regular thunderstorm without at least hail and 60 mile an hour winds anymore. Maybe we don’t have more tornadoes than the plains, but we do have a lot less open space. Chances are every twister that touches down here is going to hit a house or a trailer or a Walmart or a Walgreens or a Waffle House.

Yes, we Tennesseans do have the tendency to stand outside and point up at the funnel saying “Lookee there!”. We’re working on that.