Tuesday's Funny Clip

I need a laugh right now. 4 people live in this house and 3 of them have tested positive for strep in the last 3 days. And, they have also all gotten their piece of a stomach virus that is going around. Last night was the worst of that (so far) but I won't go into details. The good news is that everyone appears to be getting better now but I have said that before.

So far, I've been a little sore and tired but so far, so good. I guess I need to keep up my strength since I am the nurse extraordinaire. 

To lighten the mood, here is a clip from 2007 - Jim Carrey doing his Horatio Caine impression on Letterman. I have never seen more than the first five minutes of a CSI: Miami. But, I watch those first five minutes regularly because of the cheesy one-liner typically delivered by David Caruso. If you can avert your eyes from the accompanying grisly crime scene, the punch line is often worth it.