IUsedToBeBrilliant.com SOLD!!!

Greetings from the new management of IUsedToBeBrilliant.com!! In the coming days, this site will be transformed from the whiny ramblings of a middle aged man on the decline into the world’s premiere destination for news about celebrities and public figures who are seeing their careers on a downhill path.

The new “I Used to Be Brilliant” will be dedicated specifically to those who really used to be brilliant or at least thought they were or had management who temporarily convinced us that they were!

You’ll be able to stop in and read stories of declined credit cards, foreclosed mansions, repossessed luxury sedans, and embarrassing drunken tumbles into ditches!!

Sure, some of our highlighted celebrities might end up being profiled here because they are dead! No worries! Our motto is “When you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re cold, you’re not!”.

So, be sure to come back in the coming weeks and laugh as all of your one-time favorite people get a heaping taste of what regular people go through everyday!