Vacation Day 2: Kentucky

Instead of staying here and seeing Hot Tub Time Machine, we left town on a mini road trip that ended up like a real time machine trip and we gave the Facebook/Twitter robbers another chance at some really mismatched furniture and other assorted crap. We had no takers.

We ended up at the alma mater – Western Kentucky University. I took a couple of NCAA game banners I’ve been holding on to for 18 years to the basketball office.



We reminisced about the good old days as we walked through campus for a bit. The weather was immaculate. It’s days like this that were perfect for skipping classes. Where is that Hot Tub Time Machine when we need it?


We took in some food at Rafferty’s – which doesn’t seem to have changed at all in 18 years. The food was excellent.


And, we stopped by the mall and I took some pictures of Bob Saget’s car in the parking lot.


He likes Fig Newtons.


The mall is clean and nice but what amazed me is some of the stores have the exact same facade as they did 18 years ago. You want to see Payless or Kirklands or Chik-Fil-A exactly how they looked in the 80’s? Greenwood Mall is your place. Fast Times at Ridgemont High II could film there. It is unbelievable.

So, that was day 2 of the vacation. Tomorrow will be boring compared to the last two days. I need to make a trip to Lowe’s and start getting some projects done around the house.