Windy and Rainy Weekend

Tonight I am watching the weather mess unfold across Arkansas. Multiple tornado touchdowns with the system that is quickly coming this way.


If the forecasters are correct, this thing will right west of here and basically stop in place for almost two days. That’s why we have severe storms and possible tornadoes in the forecast for the second weekend in a row. What is worse this weekend is the forecast for 5 to 8 inches of rain possible here over two days. That would cause an unbelievable mess. My yard begins to resemble swamp at the first inch. I bet I could get an inflatable raft out there in 5. (I do have an inflatable raft and I will take pictures of this if it happens!)

So, we’re going to hang tight as the first wave should get here somewhere around 4AM. And we’re hoping for the best for the people of Arkansas who are dealing with a truly horrible situation tonight.