For probably only the third time I can remember, I sat at the computer last night and wrote two different entries for the blog and deleted them both. I typically just write and post without even considering deleting what I have written. I do attempt to check the spelling before I hit PUBLISH but sometimes the brain moves too fast for the eyes and that doesn’t happen.

Rejected entry #1 was about how fast the weekend went by and how there is no real time to rest. I could write that every weekend and nothing I do can change it. DELETE.

Rejected entry #2 was about me being forced to watch some of the Tony Awards (I was outvoted again but it’s hard to speak out against what is on TV when there is nothing I watch on TV lately). My only salvageable point was how weird it is to watch the Tony Awards with the economy the way it is. It felt like they were all on another planet with completely different priorities while we are still here watching jobs be eliminated and most people are barely making it week to week.  I don’t know. I couldn’t get my hands around why I kept thinking this was so I hit DELETE.

Maybe I was just ‘blah’ last night. I blame it on the heat.